Brittany & Dustin

Brittany + Dustin / June 28, 2014

Finding the right music on which to base a wedding trailer is always a challenging proposition. How do you find a song that complements the events of the day and defines the couple so completely? The decision is a critical one – the music has to fit just right.

When I came across Secret Nation’s “Tonight,” I knew I found it. It was the chorus that struck me – “We dance, we sing, we live, we love tonight.” For me, those words truly captured Brittany & Dustin’s celebration of love and family. From Brittany dancing with her bridesmaids while steaming their dresses, to Dustin laughing with his friends over breakfast; from the couple presenting their parents with flowers at the ceremony, to them shedding tears while sharing their first dance – everything seemed to align for one beautiful night.

Brittany & Dustin truly light up a room with their energy, their generosity, and their love. But what stands out the most is the way they shine for each other.

Ceremony:   Wesleyan Church of Hamburg – Hamburg, NY

Reception:   The Webb Building at Pearl Street – Buffalo, NY

Lindsey & Marc

Lindsey + Marc/June 21, 2014

Going into any wedding, there are always several shots I want to accomplish before the day is out.  And while those planned artistic shots are a lot of fun to conceive and execute, it is often the impromptu moments that end up carrying the most weight in the finished video.

On their way to the reception from the ceremony, Lindsey & Marc decided to take a short detour to get a few quick pictures at the restaurant where they had their first date.  With little time to spare, there was only a chance for a quick hand-held shot of them in front of the restaurant sign.  Setting the technical aspects of the shot aside, I think it is pretty special when you can get a sense of where a couple began, juxtaposed with how far they have traveled to get to their wedding day.

Congratulations, Lindsey & Marc!  Thank you for sharing your touching love story.

Ceremony:    Our Lady of Mercy – LeRoy, NY

Reception:    Fox Valley Country Club – Lancaster, NY 

Ashley & Joseph

Ashley & Joseph/May 25, 2014

I mentioned previously that my first two weddings of 2014 were for siblings of past brides I’ve filmed. This one is extra special to me, because back in 2011, the first wedding I ever filmed was for Ashley’s older sister, Brenda.  It was quite an experience being back celebrating with this family once again, and re-living where it all began!

Ashley and Joe could not have asked for a more perfect spring day.  In fact, it was the day itself that held so much importance for Ashley, for she, like her mother and her sister before her, was married on the Sunday before Memorial Day.  And that is one of the most unique and treasured themes of Ashley and Joe’s wedding – the significance of traditions.

I ask all my couples to fill out a questionnaire prior to the wedding, and one of those questions asks what activities they like to do together.  Ashley and Joe’s response stood out: “Enjoy each other,” they said.  True words, indeed.

Ceremony:   St. Peter’s Lutheran Church – Sanborn, NY

Reception:   Park Country Club – Williamsville, NY

Jenna + Jordan

Jenna+Jordan/April 26, 2014

It was an interesting coincidence that my first two weddings of the 2014 season just happened to be for siblings of couples I’ve filmed in the past. In 2012, I had the pleasure of filming the wedding of Jordan’s sister, Celia. It was great to be back celebrating with this family once again!

As a couple, Jenna and Jordan complement each other so well.  You can truly see it.  And kudos to both of them, especially Jenna, for being such good sports on this cold and rainy April day. They braved the weather many times for the sake of the photos and video. I think the sunset (which was the only time we glimpsed the sun all day) was worth it!

Ceremony:  Colgate Divinity Chapel – Rochester, NY

Reception:  The Woodcliff Hotel – Fairport, NY