Andy1_BWAndrew Quinn          Cinematographer/Director/Editor

Many times I’ve been posed the question – if you had to choose one aspect of filmmaking to pursue while giving up the rest, what would it be?  It’s a tough question, and the truth is, I could never decide.  I love shooting, editing, writing, producing – to me, being part of the process from start to finish yields the most consistent vision, and thus, the best work.

I suppose my inability to choose one focus inspires the variety of materials we create.  Creating video content for exciting companies is an intellectually stimulating and professionally satisfying experience.  If our work can add value for these talented entrepreneurs, then we have succeeded.  Making wedding films affords us the opportunity to be true visual storytellers.  It is a privilege to bring these unique love stories to life.

My degrees from UC Santa Barbara and Chapman University gave me an appreciation for the complexities of filmmaking, and the skills to add my own work to the lexicon.  Day in and day out, I consider myself fortunate to do the kind of work I love.