How does payment for your Wedding Cinematography services work?

Upon signing an agreement to make us your exclusive wedding cinematographer, we ask for a non- refundable deposit that is 20% of your package selection price. This deposit books us for your wedding date. The remainder of the balance is due one week prior to the wedding day.

Do you set any limitations on the hours you film on my wedding day?

No. We pride ourselves on filming the events and activities of the entire day. When you watch your video 5 years from now, we want you to have a comprehensive look back at every significant moment.

How do you capture the audio of the ceremony?

We place lapel microphones on both the groom and the officiant (priest, pastor, etc.) to ensure the highest quality audio of the ceremony. The bride’s audio is captured effectively from the microphone the groom wears. We also place a microphone on the church podium (if applicable) to capture any readings, prayers, etc.

How do you select music for my videos?

The music we use in your videos is obtained from online music licensing sites that specialize in providing music for wedding videos. These sites offer an excellent selection of independent and popular music in a multitude of genres. We select the music tracks based on your tastes and the creative direction we determine for the videos.

How long will each video be?

We customize our videos for each unique couple, and thus the length of every video we create varies.  Our Wedding Trailers are typically 3-4 minutes long – short and sweet, and easy to share online.  Our Wedding Films, which include larger sections of your ceremony, reception toasts, and more, tend to be 12-20 minutes long.  This may sound short given the amount of hours we will be filming on your wedding day, but at this length you get a very watchable film that seamlessly integrates all the most significant moments of the day.

When can I expect to receive my finished videos?

We usually try and deliver your Wedding Trailer online within 1-2 months of your wedding, and your Wedding Film online within 6 months.

We know this can feel like an eternity. But you deserve amazing videos, so we take the time to ensure they are truly special.

Will my videos be available online?

Some of them will. We make your Wedding Trailer and Wedding Film available on our Vimeo portfolio.  All other videos, such as your Full Ceremony, are made available as HD digital files on a flash drive.

Do you offer my videos on Blu-Ray or DVD?

Yes, but only upon request. The HD digital files we provide on flash drive are of a higher visual quality than they would be on a Blu-ray or DVD. Furthermore, they will be more adaptable as viewing technology changes over time.

However, we recognize that you and members of your family may prefer the videos on playable discs. We will happily work with you to determine the best delivery format(s) of your videos.